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Tips for cake decorating...

I´ve definitely improved my cake-making and decorating skills since starting Rooftop Tea 4 years ago. There´s no better way to improve then just to say "yes" to the order and just do it...and practise, practise, practise. I´ve done a lot of that over the years and finally I think I may have found my style. Hmmm, actually, after collating some of my best cakes I´m still not sure I have my own style, well, anyway, they taste good! Be great to hear if you have any favourites....(you can definitely tell which are the early cakes!) ...keep scrolling down for some tips...

For my husband´s birthday...it was probably me who wanted the chocolate more than him.

For a children´s Christmas party...I love creating mini worlds and went crazy with the snow glitter

For a Beauty & the Beast inspired Afternoon Tea event...

Is it just me or does this buttercream filling look like cartoon teeth?

one of my faves x

The Queen of the Afternoon Tea, The Victoria Sponge is definitely my signature bake x

I don´t do many children´s birthday cakes as I think there are so many brilliant other bakers out there that do figures and chocolate moulding but this lovely repeat client was confident I could do a great cake for her child´s birthday x

For a football mad birthday boy x (again, those mini worlds...)

Difficult (and expensive) technique but love the effect

For a special event x

Friends´ wedding cake...early days in my baking career (as you can see!) But the best bit was the cake came out to the Back to the Future theme song!!

Simple but pretty

the day I succumbed to instagram pressure!

Don´t know whether I love fresh flowers or edible flowers more!

Another fave, just because of the stunning flowers

Another fave...love blue cornflowers x

I think that slightly rustic, with fresh flowers and edible flowers, plus seasonal fruits is my style!! At last!!

Well, at least this post has been useful to help me figure out my style!! haha! Hope you enjoyed the post and really, I think that the taste of the cake is so so important, and always make sure my cakes are the best tasting and highest quality ingredients. x


1. Sometimes you have to consider the weather when deciding what decoration to use. Eg wafer paper sometimes suffers and wrinkles in the heat, so find the decoration which works best in your environment. I´ve perfected a buttercream which holds in the heat but isn´t heavy!

2. Try out different styles & don´t be afraid to say "YES" to those scary orders at first. BUT when you have your style don´t be swayed by customers sending pinterest designs to you. Be confident with what works for you.

3. If you decorate with fresh fruit & flowers (edible or fresh) it doesn´t matter if you buttercream the top of the cake the day before (& store in the fridge), just reserve some buttercream to hold the decorations in place & add the fruit and flowers as close to the delivery time as possible as they tend to run, or wilt. Check out my blog post on how to safely decorate cakes with fresh flowers here...

4. Use a turntable!! They make cake decorating so much easier!

5. Focus on composition when decorating (I was always a bit obsessed with that in art at school and on art gallery trips!) but getting the composition right and the placing of the decorations is really important to get that wow effect!

Get creative! put good music on and enjoy the process!


#rooftopteabarcelona by Angela.

Photos by @rooftopteabarcelona, EleonoreD.Photography, @rutaphotographyy, Francisco Blanco & ZoeH.Photography