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Girls´ weekend in Barcelona

Updated: May 16, 2018

Coffees in the sun, secret spots, restaurants for groups & activity ideas...all here in a quick photo guide for you.

eeI´d start by wandering the streets of El Born in the Ciutat vella (old town) of Barcelona & browse the boutiques or stop for a coffee.

Credit: En compañia de lobos

Then I´d head down to the beach & sit under the shady vines looking at the sea whilst enjoying lunch at Il Gallito under the W Hotel (sail shaped hotel by the beach). Try the tuna tacos & paella!

(photo credit: En compañia de lobos)

For a fun activity or hen do idea (obvs an Afternoon Tea with me!) you could do a floral crown making workshop with the lovely Manuela at Gangandthewool, or rent a pretty mint green bike and take a ride along the beach. Or just relax on the water looking at the Barcelona skyline on the Orsom catamaran.

After a chill out & maybe even a sneaky siesta (I bloody love my bed), then get dressed up & head out to a rooftop bar with views of the city for a glass of crisp white wine or grab the best cocktail in town with your girls through the secret fridge door at Paradiso.

Whatever you do, have fun & always keep your eye on your bag or phone. It´s not a dangerous place, but pickpockets are rife. (I´ve had a couple of bags whipped away whilst focusing too hard on my mojito!)

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Photos by @rooftopteabarcelona, EleonoreD.Photography, @rutaphotographyy, Francisco Blanco & ZoeH.Photography