• Angela, Rooftop Tea

How to decorate safely with fresh flowers

The title says it all... I love using edible flowers to decorate as they´re so delicate and birghtly coloured (and of course edible!) but I also think that fresh flowers add that wow factor and look gorgeous on a simple cake. So here´s how to make sure they stay put when transporting the cake & how to ensure you´re decorating safely.

You´ll need fresh flowers (obvs!), scissors, toothpicks and florist wax tape (cinta floristeria) that you can buy in most florists or here online.

First of all choose your flowers (focus on tonal arrangements or contrasting). A little greenery is a great natural looking contrast. Cut the ends on the diagonal and insert a toothpick into the stem of the flower. Then pull the tape (as it makes it sticky) and wrap it around the stem and the part where the toothpick is inserted into the stem. The wax in the tape prevents any moisture from leaking onto the cake.

And there you have it - a safe way to decorate cakes with fresh flowers...I´d love to see your creations! x


#rooftopteabarcelona by Angela.

Photos by @rooftopteabarcelona, EleonoreD.Photography, @rutaphotographyy, Francisco Blanco & ZoeH.Photography